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This amazing 2021 offer from Emporio Armani just created an online market frenzy!

The price of this special edition Armani Classic Leather Watch has been slashed by an astonishing 42.22%.

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This special edition of the Armani Amazing Watch is available here at Commerce Luxury Store

Though it is very limited in supply.

This tremendous discount is a way of giving back to customers and appreciating their patronage as we are about to end the year.

Whether you’ve ever bought a Rolex watch or not, this offer is open to everyone.

But because we have very few available. And they will be sold on the basis of first come; first served.

The quality of this beautiful watch is top-notch, just like every other Armani watch.

For Emporio Armani has never been known to compromise quality!

Not forgetting the fact that it comes with a FREE Premium Watch Box

This is definitely a one-time offer you don’t wanna miss!

Now let’s break it down so you really understand this one-time offer:

  • Glamorous Engraved Patterns: Both the steel hand-band and the bezel are all covered in beautiful premium Leather patterns of black delicately hand made in details by the finest of leather artists. This special edition of the Armani Men’s Classic Watch is indeed a true work of art!

  • Water Resistant: It is particularly developed to be air-tight at all edges and water-resistant. Hence, you can walk in the rain or even go swimming without any fear of damage.

  • Brilliant Display: This special edition of the Emporio Armani Watch possesses luminous hands and markers enhanced with super-luminova pigment that glows in the dark.
  • Automatic Engine:​​This glamorious rolex time piece does not make use of any battery, it relies on the natural movement of your wrist! Even if it stays for 3 years without usage, all you need to do is put it on your wrist and it will kick off on it's own, like it's completely brand new!
    Yes, it knows the wrist of a human
  • Make A Strong Fashion Statement: You Not ONLY MAKE A  STRONG FASHION STATEMENT But Also Lend Your Personality A SOPHISTICATED OUTLOOK

    It’s Also The Type Of Wristwatch That Would Impress People In Your Social Circle/Friends, Therefore If You Are Looking For A Watch To Tell The Time Accurately And Really Want A Watch From A High-End Fashion Brand that Makes You Look Good, Then This Watch Is For You

    They Say First Impression Matters, Imagine Yourself Wearing This Beautifully Crafted Automatic Engine Watch To That Next Business Meeting, Occasion Which Gives People An Awe Impression About YOU

    For Just A Few Seconds, Imagine How You Would Feel People See YOU As A Man With CLASS & HIGH TASTE FOR QUALITY



Wow… This is definitely a rare offer you don’t wanna miss! – A Glorious End To The Year Indeed


It is only gonna last for a very short period.

Remember, we have very few pieces left before this amazing discount comes to an end.

As a reward for acting now,

This Premium 24K Elite Perfume that usually sells for #9,000 would be added to your package for FREE!

The Amazing Fragrance of this Premium 24k Elite Perfume, announces your presence in a grand style with its smooth, sweet powerful smell and stays on you for as long 2 - 3 days without wearing off!!!

And you would be getting it for absolutely FREE OF CHARGE!!!

It’s a FREE BONUS only if you buy the EMPORIO ARMANI Classic Men's Watch in the next 24hours!

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Here’s the big question that must be going through your mind right now:

"How much is the Special Edition Emporio Armani Classic Men's Watch?"

Original Price is #48,000

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The original price has been slashed by almost half for those buying today!


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Here's Our Absolutely Crazy Guarantee!

To show you how much we trust this beautiful piece of art - The ARMANI PREMIUM LEATHER WATCH, we are offering this bold guarantee!

If within now and the next 1 year, after purchasing this beautiful watch, you feel the watch no longer matches your taste

Or maybe you realise it has a certain fault,

or you have any issue with it whatsoever,


Please, quickly give us a call on this number 09016243722 and say this exact words

 "Your watch is fake, return my money immediately",


We will quickly refund your N29,000 straight to your bank account with sincere apologies and an extra N1,000 airtime on any network of your  choice, for making you waste your precious time!

And we are 100% sure you won't find any reason to make such call, instead you would call us consistently, to buy more for your loved ones

Your only regret would be that "You didn't buy more"

here's what our customers are saying

Please be sure you want to buy before placing your order.
NOTE: Please make sure when you order, you’ll be available to collect and pay for the product that will be sent to you within 2-3 working days

Mind-blowing indeed…

Remember, this offer is only for a very short period of time. And with the way many persons are already making orders, we’ll soon run out of stock.Just a few left!

So, hurry up!

Please be sure you want to buy before placing your order.
NOTE: Please make sure when you order, you’ll be available to collect and pay for the product that will be sent to you within 2 working days

If you have any complaint whatsoever or for some reason, you are not satisfied with your package, you can easily reach us on 09016243722

We Try our very best to provide premium customer support and ensure our customers are extremely satisfied!