4 terrible mistakes business owners make while launching a Facebook ad campaign, that's literally costing them alot of money!!!

There are literally tons of mistakes business owners make while launching a Facebook ads campaign but I will just go over a few of them below!

1. Making use of BOOST Post instead of the facebook ads manager!

Boosting of post is almost the same thing as running an engagement ad, where the major results you get are "likes and comments".

As a business owner, sales is the lifeblood of a business, not likes and comments.

Likes and comments do not ensure sales.

OK, let me explain...

Boost post is like preparing for an exam with just a 1 paged material that contains answers to questions which are not guaranteed to show up in the exam, so you have to just try your luck..

While Ads manager on a computer, is actually preparing for an exam with all the materials and resources available right at your doorstep, all you need do is sort them out and pick the right things to work with..

So your chances of failure are far much more lesser than that of the BOOST post button.

And moreover, the BOOST post button is designed to only get you likes and comments

so far so good, likes and comments do not guarantee sales at all

2. Ignore proper audience research

I've seen many business owners make the same mistake over and over again, and it's costing them alot of money.

"You can't pitch a goat to people who prefer dogs and expect to make a sale"

Imagine trying to sell a house to a broke 18year old..

You wouldn't make a sale, even if you go hard at it for the next 5 years..

It just wouldn't work out and over time, you will eventually start losing money.

This was the exact issue with one of my clients who had lost almost a 100k on ads previously, just because she ignored audience research!

When she reached out to me, we discussed and she began to see her mistakes...

So, we fixed everything up, perfomed audience research, and launched a fresh campaign together...

What happened next???

I'll tell you!

She went on to do over 300 sales of her digital product in the next 30 days!

Amazing right??

She was just stunned that fixing up a couple of errors coud literally be the turning point of everything!

Perform proper audience research and create a customer avatar today!

"Targeting the right audience can mean the difference between 2 sales a week and 10 new sales everyday"

3. Making use of wack adcopy and creatives(image/video)

Few months ago, a friend had a physical product that wasn't converting so well!

He already stocked up the product in his apartment and knew he had to sell them off as soon as possible to get back his capital!

But, he tried everything he could and yet nothing worked..

So, he gave me a call to come assist!

I got there, saw the whole stuff and changed just 2 things on the entire campaign!

Two things only!

The audience and the adcopy!

Yes, The adcopy is just as important as audience research!

If you have the perfect audience and yet your messaging and creative is poor, then forget it, facebook will literally just keep balling with your money!

Back to the story, the very next morning, by 7am, he woke up to 3 orders waiting for him, with customers ready to buy immediately!

He increased his daily budget and sold out as fast as he could!

It was crazy really.

The headline of your adcopy has to make sense to your readers, else they would just scroll past and continue with their lives and that simple action will definitely increase your adcost, bringing you little to no sales!

4. Neglecting the facebook pixel!

Facebook pixel is a short piece of code provided by Facebook that allows you to track the performance of your ad and the activities people who visit your website.

It provides you with data that enables you to create better targeted ads and also re-targeting campaigns which increases conversions at a lower cost.

Majority of business owners who make use of Facebook ads totally neglect the facebook pixel and its importance.

This short piece of code tracks every activity on your website

For example,

  • People who visited your website
  • People who click on a certain button on your website
  • People who spent 2 minutes or 10 seconds on your website
  • People who actually purchased from your website
  • People who visited your thank you page.
  • People who viewed a product on your website
  • People who added to cart..

And so on...

Data is necessary for every business..

This was a major reason why we were able to sell a particular product that generated over N3,000,000 in sales in 3 months!

Yes, 3 freaking million naira in sales!

And this was done in a 3 months tome span, from December 2020 to febrauary 2021!

Offcourse, everything had to come into play for this to be possible!

From the Audience to the adcopy/creative and a great offer too!

But the pixel made tracking every activity easy and enabled us to better optimise our campaigns for amazing results!

Start making use of the facebook pixel today!

Are you making any of these mistakes? 


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